Lost Arts - The Teacher Project

So many people I know have a story about a teacher who changed their life.  For me it was Eileen Daniel Riddle and James Gilchrist.  On a Sunday afternoon in Agoura Hills, Calif. a group of us got together with these Read more

Diane Ravitch: Why all parents should opt their kids out of high-stakes standardized tests

Original article by Valerie Strauss, The Washington Post The Network for Public Education, a nonprofit education advocacy group co-founded by historian Diane Ravitch, is calling for a national “opt out” of high-stakes standardized testing, urging parents across the country to Read more

The Other PARCC

On a weekend in December, I took a borrowed camera and lights and headed to Montclair, New Jersey. All weekend long, one after another, public school parents and students tromped down the basement stairs in the home of a Read more


Welcome to Shoot4Education!

Shoot4Education is where I take the skills learned from my career as a film editor – first in advertising and later in feature narrative and documentary films – and translate them into vital work for non-profit and political advocacy groups. This gallery blog showcases the work I’ve done in both areas. It’s also a place to build community and awareness around what I believe are the most important issues facing public education today.

The advocacy section represents my documentary interview work that I direct, shoot and edit on my own, with nothing more than my Canon 7D, a digital sound recorder and a small lighting kit.

The commercial editorial section provides visitors a fuller awareness of my background in editing for advertising, while the documentary and theatrical editorial section highlights more of my editing work. Currently, I’m building my own social media presence and experimenting with a variety of ways to engage this emerging audience with content and curating about the social and political forces that interest me.

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