Diane Ravitch | 8 Powerful Voices for Public Ed Film Series

The first release in a series of 8 viral short videos, Diane Ravitch explains how public education is being damaged by Read more

John Kuhn | 2 School Districts, 1 Ugly Truth

What’s wrong with the way we fund our schools? Listen to Texas Superintendent John Kuhn’s powerful Read more

Linda Lyon | She Served Our Country. Now She's Fighting For Our Kids,

“Privatization is as much about limiting the power of the average citizen as it is about increasing profits.” Watch Linda Lyon from Arizona talk about charters and vouchers and the destruction they Read more

Jesse Hagopian | Teach What Matters

 Teacher Jesse Hagopian shares a devastating classroom story, but it’s not hopeless. We need to teach to the child and not to the test. TEACH WHAT Read more

Johanna Garcia | The Uncomfortable Truth About the Tests

 "You can't heal the inequities that plague our schools by administering tests that are toxic to our kids!". Listen to parent activist Johanna Read more

Lost Arts

Co-writer Kemala Karmen Deputy Director, Co-Founder NYCpublic   The trajectory of my life was forever changed by Eileen Daniel Riddle and James Gilchrist, two high school theater arts teachers who worked at my pre-busing, segregated suburban high school in the early 1970s. I was a struggling student, but they introduced me, and so many others, to what would become a lifelong passion. Read more

The Other PARCC

The PARCC was once the standardized test of choice for many states laying claim to alignment with CCSS. Once parents started to take a look at the quality of the testing, the curriculum it was aligned to, and the costs to their school districts, all of that changed. Parents really do have the Read more

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