Series: 8 Powerful Voices in Defense of Public Education

John Kuhn | 2 School Districts, 1 Ugly Truth

“The greatest educational malpractice in the United States happens in the statehouse not the schoolhouse.” What’s wrong with the way we fund our schools? Here is Texas Superintendent John Kuhn’s powerful explanation.

Diane Ravitch | Privatization of Public Education

Diane Ravitch talks about threat posed by Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos and the privatization of public education. This is the first release in a series of 8 short films for The Network for Public Education.

Jesse Hagopian | Teach What Matters

Teacher Jesse Hagopian shares a devastating classroom story and talks about why teaching to the test cannot meet the needs of America’s children.

Linda Lyon | She Served Our Country. Now She’s Fighting for Our Kids.

“Privatization is as much about limiting the power of the average citizen as it is about increasing profits.” Linda Lyon President, Arizona School Boards Association

Jitu Brown | The Children We Choose Not to Educate

Father and activist Jitu Brown tells the story of ordinary people taking extraordinary measures to preserve what so many take for granted: a neighborhood public school.

Johanna Garcia | The Uncomfortable Truth About the Tests

How do you heal the inequities that plague our schools? Parent Johanna Garcia speaks movingly about the the damage that ensues when you “make it about the tests.”

Jeanette Deutermann | The True Cost of the Tests

Jeanette Deutermann knew something wasn’t right. Then she found other parents who knew it too. The test refusal movement springs from parents like them and maybe you?

Kimberley Walcott | Stop Closing Our Schools

Political leaders use test scores to close schools and hand them over to charters. Kymberley Walcott graduated from Hunter College this year. She came from the “failing” Jamaica High School which was closed right after she graduated.

Johanna Garcia | La Incómoda Verdad Sobre Los Exámenes

Johanna García, madre y líder en nueva york, comunica un poderoso y sentido mensaje contra los exámenes estandarizados de altas estacas. Específicamente sus efectos en comunidades de imigrantes e urbanas.