Shoot4Education is where the skills learned from a career in film editing for advertising, feature narrative and documentary films are translated into vital work for non-profit and political advocacy groups. The latest releases for The Network for Public Education have over 2 million views on 38,000 shares, with a reach of 6 million, all without any paid promotion.

Michael Elliot: Director, Editor, Social Media Marketing Strategist

Emmy award-winning commercial film editor with extensive experience editing feature narrative and documentary films for the BBC, Anonymous Content and Fox Searchlight. His clients have included Amazon, Audi, Bank of America, Canon, Lexus, Microsoft, Nike, NYU Langone, Reebok, Samsung, United Airlines, Virgin Atlantic and many others.

Over the past 5 years, he’s been creating and directing social media content for political, social and educational advocacy groups and non-profits. He directs, shoots and edits short documentary web films on topics ranging from biomedical innovation and technology, social media startups, addiction recovery and public education advocacy.  He blogs for the Huffington Post and you’ll find his current editorial work here.

Kemala Karmen:  Writer, Producer, Social Media Marketing Strategist

Trained as a filmmaker at Stanford University’s renowned graduate program in documentary studies, her short films have appeared in festivals and museums and she has worked as a producer, writer, interviewer, videographer, and editor.  She also has experience managing a non-profit having co-founded the design-thinking consultancy NYCpublic.