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8 Powerful Voices for Public Ed Film Series – Diane Ravitch

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The first release in a series of 8 viral short videos, Diane Ravitch explains how public education is being damaged by privatization.

Everyone Has A Story About A Teacher

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So many people I know have a story about a teacher who changed their life.  For me it was Eileen Daniel Riddle and James Gilchrist.  On a Sunday afternoon in Agoura Hills, Calif. a group of us got together with these two remarkable teachers, to share our stories and our gratitude.

Lost Arts

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Co-writer Kemala Karmen Deputy Director, Co-Founder NYCpublic The trajectory of my life was forever changed by Eileen Daniel Riddle and James Gilchrist, two high school theater arts teachers who worked at my pre-busing, segregated suburban high school in the early 1970s. I was a struggling student, but they introduced me, and so many others, to what would become a lifelong passion. I made this film for all the teachers who pour their hearts into children, yet live in a world …

Diane Ravitch: Why all parents should opt their kids out of high-stakes standardized tests

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Original article by Valerie Strauss, The Washington Post The Network for Public Education, a nonprofit education advocacy group co-founded by historian Diane Ravitch, is calling for a national “opt out” of high-stakes standardized testing, urging parents across the country to refuse to allow their children to participate in this spring’s testing. In a video released on the network’s website, Ravitch says families should opt out of state-mandated high-stakes testing in part because the scores provide “no useful information” about the …

How to Opt Out of the NY State Tests

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A short, informational and fun primer on Refusing the Tests! Please Visit or NYC Opt Out on FACEBOOK!

Children of the Unraveling

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As we find ourselves careening into the dystopian unreality of this presidential election, I’m scouring the creative landscape with a survivalists instincts to understand the forces driving the chaos of what’s unfolding, I had the good fortune to see a music video release Our Love is a Garden from a new album Hope & Sorrow by Wilder Adkins. Directed by Marcus Tortorici and edited by a colleague, Heather Danosky, I was struck by the perspective these three millennials shared in …