Commercial Editorial Work

G-RO Commercial Short

I edited this commercial short for G-RO: “Am I enjoying the journey?”

Virgin Atlantic

When life imitates art in the streets of NYC.

Infiniti PowerOfSpeech

What if everyone just listened to me?

FastWeb Life

Oh, what a weird and wonderful world.

Amazon Like A Book

“I can have, how many books in this?” More than you can read in a few years.

Nissan – SliceOfHeaven

Directed by Andrew Douglas

Tylenol – Olympics

It feels good to feel better.

Canon Journey

Made from 70,000 stills.

Blue Man Group

If you don’t like paint, stay away!

The Egg – Samsung

Food is delicate, so your refrigerator needs to be sensitive.

Coffeemate Natural Bliss

New Yorkers get their morning coffee with clothing on the side.

NHL Winter Classic

This isn’t your momma’s old ball game.