Searching for the Wrong Eyed Jesus Trailer

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The trailer for a BBC Documentary that explores the roots of current musicians inspired by stories from the swamp to the holler. Steeped in the southern traditions of religion, poverty, small towns and that “old lonesome sound” this award winning documentary is far more than meets the eye. If you’re interested in the full film leave me a message!

4 Responses to Searching for the Wrong Eyed Jesus Trailer

  1. Martin

    A fellow filmmaker told me about this film…is it also available on Amazon or Netflix…or do we watch it on Vimeo with a password?


    Martin Yewchuk

  2. Michael Elliot

    It will soon be on vimeo on demand!

  3. Michael Elliot

    It will be up on Vimeo on Demand very soon. come back!

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