Diane Ravitch – 8 Powerful Voices Series

Diane Ravitch talks about threat posed by Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos and the privatization of public education. This is the first release in a series of 8 short films for The Network for Public Education.      

Lost Arts – The Teacher Project

The arts play such an important role helping children engage education with enthusiasm and joy.  In this data obsessed, austerity era, the arts have been stripped away leaving children with much narrower opportunities.

Message from Diane Ravitch about Opt Out

The Network for Public Education is calling for a national Opt Out of high stakes standardized testing. The movement is inspiring thousands of parents nationwide to fight for their public schools and the education their children deserve.

How to Opt Out of the State Tests

There is no reason and no benefit to children or their learning when it comes to standardized tests. Watch this short, fun, informational  primer on Refusing the Tests! Please Visit

Jamaal Bowman – NYS Common Core Task Force

Jamaal Bowman’s presentation before the first NYS Common Core Testing Task Force Oct 29th 2015

Yohuru Williams – “The Lessons are Eternal”

Dr. Yohuru Willams gave the Keynote at The Call to Educational Justice Conference on Oct 17th. This is 12 min of his 20 min presentation.

Let Love Lead the Way

Principal Jamaal Bowman from CASA Middle School in the Bronx opened the October 17th conference The Call to Educational Justice.

The Other PARCC

The PARCC Tests were once one of the most widely used standardized tests in the country. But parents began to examine the tests, the costs, and the damage they caused. Parents called for a rapid change of the plan.

Refuse the Test

Last year over 200,000 New York State parents decided that high-stakes standardized testing was having a damaging effect on their children and their public schools, refusing to allow their children to take the tests.

Parents Message to Bill De Blasio

The advocacy group Parent Voices NY wanted to make a plea to Bill DeBlasio, the mayor elect, to appoint a Schools Chancellor who would represent the interests of parents, teachers and kids.

When You Refuse

When You Refuse features a presentation by Long Island Opt Out/NYSAPE Founder, Jeanette Deutermann.  Long Island is the epicenter of the Opt Out Movement.  Jeanette has inspired tens of thousands of parents to push back against the testing.

Jia Lee – ESEA Reauthorization

Special Education Teacher, Jia Lee from the Earth School in NYC was invited to give testimony before the Senate Health, Education, Labor & Pensions Committee, to discuss the re-authorization of No Child Left Behind.

Sanise Lebron – CASA MIddle School, Bronx NY

Sanise Lebron is an 8th grader at CASA. She delivered this testimony on a Friday Morning in March, at the school’s Community Circle. She shared her feelings with her entire school. It takes a lot of courage for this young …